Tracy Marie

My husband, Tom B.Stone, and I started “Two Sparrows Tattoo Co.” in 2021 and live in Toledo, Ohio, with our two daughters.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I’m a self-taught artist learning from all forms of art to create my own. I find inspiration in just about everything because in life art takes all forms. Throughout the years I’ve learned different mediums such as charcoal, pen and ink, acrylic, and oil. At the age of 18, I sold my first painting and made it my goal to turn art into a career.

In 2018 I learned tattooing and quickly fell in love with it. A lot of what I learned as an artist translated almost seamlessly when I started tattooing and I continue to use design fundamentals to create art on skin. My favorite styles to tattoo are realism, illustrative, watercolor, and neo traditional.

Collaborating with my clients is something I enjoy to turn their ideas to a reality. Every tattoo I do, there is thought and creativity put into it on top of over 15 years experience in the art industry.

My Works